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Memorial Beads

Remembering a loved one takes many forms. A memorial or cremation bead is a very personal remembrance. It’s more than just a glass bead. The colours and techniques used are reminders of the person or animal lost. Combined with a fine sprinkling of ashes makes for a beautiful keepsake.

The process I use has a few steps. At first contact I will explain the entire process. I want to hear about the loved one you’ve lost. This is a great time for me to understand the person or animal that once was. We’ll discuss your vision for the piece. We can also have an in-person meeting or a virtual call to look at designs and colours and the final setting of the memorial piece. Some ideas are: a pendant for a necklace, a large piece to be displayed on a stand, a pandora style bead for a bracelet, or a larger bead for a custom bracelet, or even a key chain fob.

When we’ve decided on colour and design. I’ll start to work on your vision. I will probably make a prototype to discuss with you and then I’ll go from there. Having the ash of an actual being on my work bench is sobering. I am careful and respectful and always have a photo in front of me as I work. The connection is powerful. I only need about a teaspoon. When I’m satisfied with the cremation bead I’ve created, it will be set in the kiln to anneal for durability. When it’s cooled, I’ll inspect and clean it. Finally, it’s ready to be placed in the setting you’ve chosen.

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